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By signing up to our unit, you willfully agree to our regulations, and endear to follow the regulations at all times, and accept the disciplinary actions taken towards your person when in violation with the Regulations.

You are expected to read through these regulations, and update/refresh yourself on a regular basis. The unit regulations apply to all members of 6th Guards Armoured, regardless of rank and status. Any changes made to the regulations will be posted on our Discord, through a member announcement.

If you are to disagree with one or more of our regulations, please feel free to let us know! However, be aware, these are unlikely to be up for debate. The Regulations have been created through an extensive process and debate, in the best interest of the community.

  1. All members, and the general public, are to be equally treated with respect and dignity.

  2. Abuse or hatred, in any form, is not tolerated.

  3. Racism, extremism, or any behaviour of a radical nature is not permitted.

  4. Impersonating being a higher rank, or an administrator, will be dealt with severely.

  5. .Poaching or recruiting members from other units is strictly prohibited, per gentlemen's agreement with all other units.

  6. Leaking classified information will be considered as treason, which will cause removal from the unit, bans on our servers and reports to other clans.

  7. Members are expected to be exemplary when following the Server- and Discord rules.

  8. When playing on any Squad44 Server, the [6th GA] tag, with correct unit name, must be displayed at all times. (E.g. Gdsm. J. Doe [6th GA])

  9. Members are expected to be good ambassadors of the unit, by showing exemplary conduct when playing on other unit's server(s). *

  10. Dual-membership with any other Squad44 unit/clan is not allowed. **

  11. There is zero tolerance towards false statements made during your enlistment procedure.

  12. Any undesirable content is forbidden. NSFW memes are to be posted in the appropriate channel.

  13. Brigade HQ has the right to intervene or take actions towards members who's behaviour or actions cause harm to the good reputation of the unit, even if not specified in the Regulations

      * The unit distances itself from any member rule breaking on other unit's servers, and will fully support
          any actions taken by said unit. Further actions by the 6th GA may be taken towards those identified.

     ** Members are allowed to have membership of other non Squad44 units. For example, you can be
          a member of 6th GA and be a member of an Arma III unit. As long as that unit does not have a
          foothold in Squad44

  1. The unit has a military rank hierarchy in effect, with a rank assigned to each member.

  2. Members are not allowed to self-bestow themselves any rank, medal or specialist badge.

  3. The unit awards, ranks medals and badges, are all based on the UK military rank structure and Award System. 6thGA does not bestow actual medals or any other honours upon it's members. Receiving an award by 6thGA does not merit the person to actually wear the medal in real life. The unit distances itself from 'Stolen Valour' and has the deepest respect for recipients of the actual awards, ranks and other honours.

  4. There is a limit on Commissioned Officers, Senior NCOs, NCOs and Junior NCOs, depending on the current size of the unit.

  5. When a member reaches the criteria to be promoted to a rank, the promotion will be reviewed by command, and only upon approval, will said member be promoted to the rank.

  6. Should there be a conflict, or a question, one must always follow the command hierarchy:
    > your Squadron Leader, or his second in command
    > your Battalion Commander, or his second in command
    > 151 - Brigade HQ
    Should the conflict be with your Squadron Leader, always scale up by one level.


  7. All members, with the rank of Guardsman or higher, are eligible to earn unit medals and specialist badges.

  8. Members with the rank of Corporal or higher are eligible to become a Server Admin, upon completing the mandatory RCON training. 

  9. Regular members, with exception of Patreons and Donators, are not eligible for a whitelist slot on the Public Server.

  1. There is no minimum requirement of event attendance per month.

  2. Active members will be listed on the Unit Roster, with their Service Record.

  3. When members go on leave, or inactivity, for a period longer than 2 weeks, your Squadron Leader must be informed of your absence. You will receive an LOA (Leave of Absence) for that period of absence.

  4. When a member has not requested LOA, and is inactive, said member will be transferred off the active roster into the reserves.

  5. A member is regarded as inactive when:
    > no event activity for longer than 60 days;​​
    > no discord activity for longer than 60 days;
    > failed to react on an activity check-up.


  6. A member is removed from the unit when:
    > said member left the unit discord, and does not return within 24 hours;
    > said member removed his/her unit tags by own choice;
    > said member is listed on reserves for a period longer than 6 months.


  7. Members are allowed to resign from the unit at all times, through a resignation letter sent to Command or the Squadron Leader. Said member will then be honourably discharged.

  8. Honourably discharged members will lose all medals and badges, but may reapply to join the unit at any time. The standard recruitment process is to be followed.

  1. All members are allowed to signup for our events. Generally first come, first served. 

  2. There is a priority when slots are assigned: Guardsmen > Cadets > Reserves. *

  3. Due to restrictions on the number of slots, members who sign up after all slots are taken will be placed on a waitlist. Those on the waitlist are expected to show up for the event, in case of last minute drop-outs.

  4. Rosters are created by the Officer/NCO in command for said event. This is placed in Military Intel before the event.

  5. Kits are typically handed out by Squad Leaders, depending on availability.

  6. The specific scenario and rule set of the event is to be followed for the duration of said event.

  7. Members are to show military discipline, sportsmanship and honour before, during and after the events.

  8. Members are expected to follow orders and commands when given by higher ranked members.

  9. Stream Sniping is strictly forbidden. We advise our members not to stream events. Recording events, and sharing vods within the Discord, is allowed.

  10. During briefings and staging, Permission To Talk (PTS) can be put in effect. When PTS is active, a member must say "PTS" and wait until he receives permission from an NCO. Once PTS permission is given, then the member can his piece. 

  11. When a member has to urgently leave a ongoing game, the member must type "PTFO" (permission to fall out) in the side chat. So the in-game commanders know that member is actually leaving the game and not returning.

  12. In case of technical issues and/or crashes, members are allowed to reconnect to the server. Before respawning, the member must type "PTFI - #reason". Only when the event admin gives permission, can the member respawn and rejoin his unit.

  13. Usage of side chat is forbidden during events. Congratulating or thanking for the game at the end of the game is allowed.

    * Depending on the event, Officers, NCOs and SL's may receive a higher priority for
       organizational reasons. 

Breaching the Event Regulations will cause you to be removed from the event, with the possibility of additional disciplinary actions taken towards you.

  1. Players are to follow the event's respawn rules (respawn waves, timed respawns,...);

  2. No creation of squads, unless specified in the event rules;

  3. No chat and command comms, local chat only (exception for radiomen);

  4. During the event, usage of the chatbox is strictly forbidden!
    The chatbox may only be used for the PTFI and PTFO, or to call for admin assistance;


  5. All our Realism events are team/squad based. Lone-wolfing is not allowed;

  6. Players must follow tactical realism, as one is in an actual combat situation;

  7. Players are only to use their assigned kits;

  8. Players may only use assets and vehicles assigned to their team. Spawning or building of other assets is not allowed, unless with approval from the admin.

Please note that while the rules above are general practice for Realism events,
they can be subject to change for each individual event.
Always reference the event document for the updated rules.


When a member does not follow the unit regulations, Disciplinary Actions will be taken towards the member. Depending on the offence(s), an appropriate action will be decided by the Disciplinary Board. Typically, the Board consists of all active officers and the offender's direct superior (usually the Squadron Leader for Gdsm. or the commanding officer for SLs).

The Board will examine the charges, and decide on an appropriate punishment. After the examination, the offender will be invited to an interview with the Board. The Offender will be informed of the charges, and will be presented with the evidence. The Offender receives the option to defend him/herself and present counter-evidence. After the defence has concluded, the Board will take all facts in consideration, and vote on the final action(s) to be undertaken. After the vote, the Offender will receive the Verdict and, in case necessary, will be imposed the Disciplinary Action(s). There is no possibility to appeal the verdict.


  • Un-Official Reprimand:
    > typically used for minor infractions;
    > the member will have a conversation with his Squadron Leader or an Officer;
    > the conversation serves the purpose of explaining the rules and regulations to the member and clear up the situation;
    > un-official Reprimands must not be approved by the Disciplinary Board.

  • Official Reprimand:
    > counts as a formal warning, that will be permanently saved in one's service record;
    > is generally given after one or two un-official reprimands;
    > reprimands will be taken in account for potential promotion reviews;
    > members with three official reprimands can be removed from the unit.


  • Demotion:
    > member will be demoted to lower rank, agreed on by the Disciplinary Board;
    > a demotion can include a demotion of several ranks, e.g. Sgt to Gdsm instead of L/Sgt;

    > members can not be demoted back to the rank of Cadet;

    > a ban on future promotions can be added with the demotion.

  • Suspension:
    > member will be barred from partaking in any unit events or trainings;
    > the time of the suspension depends on the infraction(s);
    > the suspension may be extended or lifted, depending on the member's behaviour.

  • Honourary Discharge:
    > reservists, with a clean service record, who are inactive for longer than 12 months;
    > members, with a clean service record, that filled in a resignation letter;
    > honorary discharged members will lose rank, medals and specialist badges;
    > honorary discharged members may re-signup for the unit at any time.


  • Dishonourable Discharge:
    > forced and instant discharge from the unit;
    > stripped of rank, medals and badges;
    > in addition, a permanent ban can be implemented on both the servers and Discord;
    > rejoining the unit is typically not allowed. Exceptions can be made if the individual can            prove his/her behavior has improved and shows remorse for his/her actions.

General Regulations
Activity Regulations
Event Regulations
Unit Hierarchy
Realism Events
Disciplinary Actions
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