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General Server Rules

The following rules are in effect on our servers at all times.

  • All players are expected to be respectful and to show sportsmanship.

  • Any forms of racisms, extremism and any kind of hatred are not tolerated.

  • Trolling, intentional teamkilling or any other form of disruptive behavior is not tolerated.

  • Exploiting bugs and/or glitches is not allowed.

  • Bearing racist, extremist or any other form of offensive names is not allowed.

  • Avoid escalating discussions into chat-fights. You can voice your opinion as long as it remains respectful.

  • One-manning specialized vehicles is allowed
    One-Manning crewman operated vehicles is not allowed  (Tanks/IFV's/etc) .

  • Camping main bases is not allowed. Maintain a 300-600m distance, or more, depending on the map (admin's discretion).
    Camping hard spawns, RPs, and FOBs is allowed.


  • English is the language to be used in both voice chats, as in side chats.

  • If you open a squad, you are expected to SL that squad. Locking of Squads is allowed. Must be at least 5 people
    Opening and instantly leaving squads is not allowed. Offensive squad names will not be tolerated. 

  • Refrain from instantly kicking people from your squad. 
    Speak to them politely and ask them if they could leave the squad or change kit. If they have a microphone and are willing to coordinate work with them.


  • Squads named with a specific vehicle name with 2 or more people in the Squad will get priority of that vehicle.

  • Impersonating a [6thGA] member, or worse an admin, will not be tolerated.

It is important to note that Administrators can intervene in situations, which are not defined in our rules, if they deem intervention is justifiable and necessary. The prerequisite is that the situation has a negative effect on the server population at that current time.


[6th GA] enforces the server rules through in-game administrators. All members with the rank of Cpl., or higher, are enlisted as server administrator. All new NCO's are required to follow a specialized RCON training before their admin rights are granted.

Server administrators have access to the following tools:

  • teamforcechange

  • Kickplayer

  • Tempbanplayer (up to one month)

  • Permbanplayer (with approval of a Royal Engineer, S/NCO or Officer)

  • Setnextmap

6th Guards Armoured has a close working relationship with several other well-known communities.

Information about banned players is shared amongst the server administrators. Through this cooperation, when a cheater or troll gets banned on a server, the individual is very likely to get preemptive bans on other servers as well. That way we take away the opportunity of these individuals to corrupt the community it a healthy place for all players.

Ban Appeal

6th Guards Armoured uses a ban system as final punishment for breaking one or multiple rules. This either being a temporary or a permanent ban. Temporary bans can range from a one day ban to a 6 months ban. Any bans above 6 months are generally reverted to a permanent ban.

Players who have received a ban from our server, temporary or permanently, have the chance to appeal their ban and plea their case. As we believe everyone has the right to defend themselves and share their account of the story. Each appeal will be reviewed by an Royal Engineer, in coordination with an officer (2/Lieut. or higher). After the review, the ban can either be upheld, removed or adjusted to a temporary ban. 

A ban appeal must be made by creating a message on the #6th-ga-server channel on our Discord. If you do not wish to share your appeal publicly, please write a message that you wish to appeal your ban in private. A Royal Engineer will then contact you through direct messages on Discord. Please make sure you have the correct privacy settings on.

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