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Do I need to have prior experience in Post Scriptum/Squad or can I join as a new player?

Our unit welcomes players of all kinds , both experienced and new. Prior experience in the games is always nice to have but certainly not mandatory. Our unit provides plenty of trainings and courses to constantly improve your skills, to your personal and the unit's benefit.

Why has the minimum age to join been raised to 16?

As we search for members who carry a great sense of discipline and responsibility, we believe people who have reached the age of 16 are usually mature enough to join our unit. History has shown us underaged members do not always meet the unit's standards, or tend to leave the unit early. We do encourage you to fill in the recruitment form, if you are under the threshold and are within 6 months of becoming 16!

Is there a mandatory event / training participation?

No, it is not mandatory for our members to participate in a set number of events. Although we highly encourage our members to participate in our trainings. What is required is that, when you are unable to attend an event, you inform your NCO of your absence.

Do I need to have a microphone and be active in Discord?

Activity in Discord is highly advised, but not mandatory if you do not wish to participate in the conversations.
You are, however, required to have a working microphone when participating in our events and trainings for communication.

Can I wear the [6th GA] tag, without joining the unit?

The obvious answer is no. Only enlisted, and accepted members are allowed to wear our unit tags. Playing on our servers, or creating an account on this website, does not merit you the right to wear our tags. Players who, unrightfully, wear our tags are subject to direct actions by the admins.

Is this unit Vanilla or Tactical Realism based?

Our unit is mainly focused on Tactical Realism. As we maintain a historical accuracy in the unit.

However, our unit participated in Vanilla tournaments and games from time to time. Do note that we do not play Vanilla events often. If you want to play Vanilla only, this is likely not the unit for you.
Our Events Department also organizes Fun Events such as races, zombies and shooting competitions.

What classes am I allowed to use during events?

This obviously depends on the nature of each individual event. Members who hold specialist qualification badges have priority over specialist kits. Although, if required, non qualified members can also receive the kit if available.

Can I join [6th GA] events without being a member of [6th GA]?

In general, the answer is no. As we are a large unit, event slots are filled up quickly, and these slots are obviously reserved for our members. We do have occasional events where members from the community are welcome to join in. These events are usually announced on our Discord.

I have a problem with an [6th GA] member. Who do I contact?

Please go to our Discord, and place a message in the 6thGA Server channel. Make sure to tag @Royal Engineers, @Senior NCO or @Command. Write down you need to have an urgent conversation about a member, without disclosing any further information. You shall be contacted in Direct Messages as soon as possible. Make sure you have your DMs enabled.

If I join the unit, can I just randomly pick any rank I'd want?

No, you may not. Every new member will start off as a cadet. After completing the mandatory BCT, you will be promoted to Guardsman. Members, who are qualified for further promotion, will be reviewed and promoted whenever there is a rank slot open. Read our Ranks page for further information. 

I want to join the unit, but I don't agree with the Unit Regulations. What do I do?

The Regulations apply to all members, with total disregard of rank and status. By applying to our unit, you declare yourself in agreement with our Regulations. If you do not agree with the Regulations, we advise you against enlisting. Our Regulations have permitted to be an well-established unit, with a good reputation within the Post Scriptum community. We are always open for improvements or suggestions to our regulations. Although major changes are unlikely to happen.

Did you not find the answer to your question?

Please join our Discord to ask your question.

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