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As stated above, all new members must have the required age of 16 or higher. There are no exceptions to this rule. If during, or after, your recruitment process it becomes clear that you have not been honest with us,
you will be instantly removed from our unit.

We, the 6th Guards Armoured, are an Allied realism unit based in Squad44 and Squad. We simulate a military unit based on the historical 6th Guards Armoured Brigade , of the United Kingdom.

We provide a collective community of dedicated players to experience the game in a tactical environment with military simulation events several times a week, which involved advanced gameplay that a regular public community cannot achieve.

In order to keep improving our unit, while maintaining the quality of life in our unit, we have a set range of criteria we want our members to have.


Our ideal candidates have the following qualities: 

  • Be at the age of 16 or older

  • A good sense of responsibility

  • Able to follow instructions and orders given by superiors, during and off events

  • A sense of professionalism and discipline

  • Have respect for your fellow members and the public players on our platforms

  • A good sense of humor is always nice to have

  • A basic knowledge of the game Post Scriptum or Squad is not required, although recommended

  • A fun, strong and enjoyable presence in-game and on our discord

  • Be proactive in constantly improving our unit and our community

When enlisting, we have the following expectations from you:

  • We require you to be active on our Discord on a weekly basis, as most important information regarding the unit, events, training and more, is posted there.

  • There is mandatory event participation,it is expected that you inform your NCO's when you will be inactive for more than one week. If you fail to do this, you risk being drafted in the reserves and eventually removed from the unit.


  • Our members are expected to wear the [6th GA] tag at all times on our discord, during events, on our public servers and everywhere where they act as a representative of our unit.

What do we offer you as a member:

  • The right to wear our unit tags and represent our unit as a full-pledged member

  • Participate in our events, campaigns, fun events and LAN meetings
    (note that some events have limited slots and we cannot guarantee every member a slot, first comes first served)


  • Access to our trainings, specialist courses, and other unit exercises

Important note:

The 6th Guards Armoured is mainly a one-life realism unit. Although we do host a public vanilla server, and play a vanilla event once in a while, one-life events is our bread and butter.
If you only wish to play vanilla-styled events, this is likely not the unit for you. In which case we do not recommend you sign up. As you will likely be left disappointed in the unit after a while

Also, becoming a member of the unit does not grand you a whitelist slot for the servers. Only Admins and Patreons are eligible for a whitelist spot.

Do you think you would make a fine Guardsman?
Well let's not waste anymore time! Enlist now, Cadet!

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